Natural Parks


The territory includes a succession of hills parallel to the coast; over time the lithological composition of these hills has created two geo-morphologically different sectors: the generally steep sector facing the sea and the more gentle rolling sector facing the hinterland.
The S. Bartolo Park is characterised by the stretch of high, intense sea-cliffs which go from Gabicce to Pesaro, a rarity in all of the Adriatic coast. The rest of the protected territory is made up of rural landscapes actively cultivated until the 1950s even in places which today would be unthinkable, practically reaching the sea.

Today, a part of the old cultivated lands have been returned to natural vegetation, while continuing to be the identity of an agricultural territory within the complex of the park territory. Therefore, we will divide the Park into two distinct areas, for homogeneous reading: the sea-cliffs and the inland side.


The Furlo Pass is a gorge on the ancient Roman road Via Flaminia in the Marche, where it passes near the Candigliano river, an affluence of the Metauro. The gorge was formed between the Pietralata ( 889 m ) and Paganuccio ( 976 m ) Mounts by the waters of the Candigliano, which, until in 1922 a dam, ran at high speed in the area. Since 2001 it is included into a State Natural Reserve with the same name.