The swimming-pool

Our pool is ideally positioned, with constant sunshine, and a very comfortable, relaxing whirpool with heated water.
No steps are needed to access the pool because the sides slope down just like a beach.
It is designed to provide complete safety and plenty of scope for play for children, who will love the large area of shallow water.

The Hotel Napoleon in Pesaro has a pool in an excellent position with a sunny exposure all day. There are no steps on entering the pool, with gets gradually deeper, just like the our sea. This makes it easily accessible to young and old alike and creates a “beach” for sunbathing while be cooled by the water. The pool is surrounded by lots of sun lounges.

Children can play in complete safety because there is a large area with shallow water. Adjacent to the pool, there is a large indoor playroom  as well as an outdoor play area with table football, ping-pong, pin-ball and many other games and toys for our little guests.
On request, swimming lessons can be arranged.